Thursday, March 3, 2016

Go Directly to Xaviers

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Wednesday, June 25, 2014


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Wednesday, June 18, 2014

Hard Dalek, Cold Dalek

So unfortunately a number of my Dalek designs were removed from Redbubble a couple of weeks ago, I'm currently fighting it with them as the designs are all covered under parody law but it means that for the time being they are not going to be available at Redbubble they are however still available here:

The Hard Dalek, Cold Dalek shirt in particular is the one thats in question

Sunday, October 20, 2013

The Walkers Have the Phone Box

Introducing the newest shirt from B4DW0LF Designs...

Bringing together two hit TV shows Doctor Who and The Walking Dead, you can find this shirt here:

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Saturday, October 19, 2013

Competition Winner - Dalek Candi

Congratulations to the Winner of the TeeVillian competition...

Heres the winning video:

Visit the Dalek Candi Facebook page and show your support for their charity work raising awareness for Breast Cancer

Monday, October 7, 2013

Competition Time


My friends at have very kindly given me the opportunity to giveaway one of my “Hard Dalek, Cold Dalek” shirts this week leading up to the shirt being available for purchase on Monday (14th Oct)….

So what should we do in ways of a competition…. Well heres how you can enter.

I want you to record yourself singing (yes… singing) the “Hard Dalek, Cold Dalek” song.  I need for you to upload the video to either Facebook, Twitter or even YouTube and post the link on my Facebook Page ( now you can just sit in front of your webcam and recite the poem or you can get creative, make it stand out.  I want you to use your imagination, no holds barred….

Competition starts NOW, all videos MUST be uploaded and posted to my Facebook by Midnight Friday EST. The Winner will be picked and notified on Sunday.

Now go make some magic…. And Good Luck 

Sunday, September 22, 2013

Dalek build update.... (June - Sept)

June 28th 2013

So the Turret Platform

I guess its much the same as the normal shoulder section, however I don't go quiet so high.   Now so there's no confusion as to what I'm talking about this is the turret Platform of which I speak

So here's where I am at.  I made the platform from particleboard and the sides from hardboard.  I recessed the screws and used filler to hide them.

I then made the collar (using the template found here on PDF) again using Hardboard

And lastly, after masking certain areas, I used expanding foam to fill in the gap. Tomorrow Ill use a knife to shape it and then use filler to make it all nice and neat.   Then Ill start working on the turret itself.  I will be making the turret rotate, and using a caster wheels mechanism as that should very well take the weight.

July 20th 2013

spend two weeks building an internal frame structure that would be strong enough to hold the weight and not topple over being as the gun will make this front heavy.

I call it the Wedding cake frame for obvious reasons....

This is basically the Shoulder and Neck section of the Dalek.   The Turret actually stand a few inches taller than the standard (I know theres no such thing as standard) shoulder section.  Which actually just allows for one neck ring.

my biggest concern is weight, however cost plays an even bigger part in my construction and so although this is heavy it has been reasonably cheap to construct with me using the plans as more a rough idea and me using a lot of artistic license

July 22 2013

I used expanding foam on the inside to help fill a few of the gabs then used Bondo on the outside, after a couple of hours of sanding I got it to a stage I was happy with.  I was really pleased with how some of the curves came out.  Im hoping to add some detail to the front panel later today and even start on the Vents for the rear panel

I simply measured the spacing, added a little liquid nails and geronimo, we have the vents.  Once the glue is cured, Ill spray the whole thing in a PVA glue water mix which should not only seal it but also make it a little stronger.  Added a few drink bottle lids for added detail all in all I know its not perfect but I rather like it.

July 25th 2013

like I said before the next few weeks are going to be real busy for me so I wanted to try and get what I could done before I left, So over the past two evenings Ive been getting the turret together and figuring out how I want to have everything looking and so far Im rather liking it

August 10th 2013

It has been a couple of weeks since my last update and theres a little bit to show.  Ive continued work on the Turret section, still a lot to do but it certainly is coming along, also attached the neck ring with the custom braces.  All in all I like how this is turning...

for the front panel I used a handful of different flash lights, most from the Dollar Store and some buttons that I had laying about in the TARDIS,  once I start working on the electrics some of the lights will illuminate, not sure yet if Im going to have them flash or just remain on....

As you can see, although the bulk of this is the 2005 Dalek, I decided to go with the 80's imperial Neck mesh, using sequin waste and gold paper I think, certainly with this build it works nicely.

Being as Im paying homage to my first SWD which I had to sell to pay for my plane ticket to the US.  Ive still got the slats to do and detailing on the sides of the turret so over the course of the weekend I may just give that a shot but for now heres the latest stack shot..

August 11th 2013

had a few hours before it got dark so I decided to go ahead and make a start on my gun.

its gonna be in two sections. the first will be attached to the Dalek and will simply allow people to pass it without hitting themselves on the gun when they walk past, the second part will attach for events and such to give the full awesomeness of his fire power...

Eventually it will be attached to a motor which will allow it to pivot up and down.

As you can see Im using a combination of different things to make the gun, from a plunger, to coffee can to frisbees.  I'll hopefully manage to get section two started this week other wise its gonna be a couple of weeks before I get the chance to do anything as Ive a handful over events Im guest at over the next few weeks.