Friday, November 23, 2012

Happy 49th Birthday

November 23rd at 5.12pm the BBC launched its brand new SciFi series Doctor Who, originally created as an educational program the premise soon changed and people wanted to see who the Doctor was going to go up against next week.... 49 years later and fans all over the world are still wanting to know the same thing.

And a special something... the original billing from 1963

Thursday, November 22, 2012

Happy Thanksgiving

Just want to wish everyone a truly fantastic Thanksgiving, this is the day where you can have your Christmas Dinner and not fear an attack of Sycorax or the Titanic crashing into Buckingham Palace.  We've about another month til that happens, so may you celebrate your prosperity while ravaging the beheaded fowl carcass...


Thursday, November 15, 2012

What the Cool Geek are Wearing: Men of Scarves, Sherlock, the Doctor, and Harry


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about the artist:

Name: Zerobriant

As Im sure youve seen me say before, I wanted to have less Fezes and Bowties and more classic Who.... and here it is....  So go get yours now before time runs out....

Wednesday, November 7, 2012

Doctor Who Alumni Team Up For British “Paintball Expendables”

Last week, I got Tony Lee chatting. Like really chatting. Chatting so much that I’ve come away with an hour of fast-paced rat-a-tat audio recorded on my phone.

Normally, after an interview, I transcribe the subject’s words verbatim, do the necessary formatting and post pretty much intact. I couldn’t possibly do that with Tony. Not if I still wanted to have fingerprints at the end of it.
Still, a lot of what he said has to remain secret for now. Exciting stuff. Stuff I’ll get to later, when the time is right.

But here’s what I can share now.
Thanks to his work writing the IDW comics series, Tony Lee has spent a lot of time at Doctor Who conventions, and therefore a lot of time in the company of other Doctor Who associates. Amongst them was Frazer Hines, the longest serving companion in the history of the show.
Lee said:
Frazer was Jamie in Doctor Who so obviously he does a lot of the conventions. We found ourselves, often, in the same airport lounges, and we just chatted, got to know each other. So we’ve known each other for a while now.
And while Frazer has done a lot on stage, and has been getting back into film lately, he was saying that he wanted to do some more film work. And he pointed out that there were a lot of other folk who had the same problem – all of the younger performers coming up and taking all of the roles. So I suggested “Why don’t you make your own film? Why don’t you come up with something that will get you all together?”
Hines agreed that this was a good idea, but he didn’t have a whole film in mind – just one detail. That he’d like to ride a horse.

So the specifics fell on Lee, and he drafted up the first version of what is being called, for now at least, The Mild Bunch. That title should tip you off that there’s something of a Western vibe at work here…
I spoke to Hines to clarify some of what Tony told me and he gave me the go ahead to name some of the other attached cast members.

Also from Doctor Who, there’s the sixth doctor, Colin Baker; from Only Fools and Horses – and Doctor Who story Seeds of Doom, there’s John Challis; and then there’s Vikki Michelle, formerly of Allo Allo.
And then there’s… some other names we’ll get to at a future date. When ink has dried.

Hines made the cast’s enthusiasm clear:
They all want to start shooting tomorrow! They’re ready to go. You’ve got four names there, with big fan bases, and we know the fans want to see them back in action again.
He’s not wrong.
I’ve had a breakdown of the whole plot, but I daren’t spoil it. In a nutshell, though, it’s about a group of 1981 paintball champions reuniting now, in 2012, when they’re supposed to be past their prime. And they stand up to some… disruptive younger elements. Yoots. Here’s the beginning of the big pitch:
The Magnificent Seven… paintball champs of he Middlesex and Hertfordshire Paint Ball League. These guys were the best, unbeaten, top of the league – until they broke up acrimoniously. Incredibly acrimoniously in fact, over twenty five years ago. After one single incident, they never met up as a group again.
Until now
…and now the rusty gun must be holstered. The tin badge must be shined. But will our Magnificent Seven ride again?
There’s a wild west frontier town – in the UK. There’s a saloon. There’s a face off at high noon. And there’s an awful lot of paintball pellets being let loose in some clever, crafty action sequences.

It’s an actual proper action film, it’s a drama, and in part, it’s a character comedy. It’s about a lot more than nostalgia, too – Tony has taken care to actually dig into some thematic material about ageing, trans-generation clashes and the dangers of pride. It’s more Unforgiven and Big Chill than The Expendables in some ways, but there’s a lot of fun adventure stuff too, particularly once the first act is done setting everybody up.

Hines has been thinking of this project as a possible TV endeavour – a one-off comedy drama, and those are the possible co-producers he’s been speaking to; there is, as Tony was at great pains to point out, also real possibility of Mild Bunch being a feature film – and there have been talks with co-producers on that front also.

I spoke to Hines about a gentlemen of his seniority carrying off the action demands of this film:
Oh, I’m fine. You should see me playing Cricket – I slide and dive all over the place.
It’s going to go a little beyond a game of Cricket with Mild Bunch, of course.

More developments are due soon. Watch this space.


Additional Note: There is some more exciting news about this which I am currently not able to talk about but as soon as I get the green light you'll all be the first to know

Neil Gaiman Writing Cybermen Episode Also Starring Warwick Davis

Neil Gaiman is bringing the Cybermen back to "Doctor Who." The BBC revealed Gaiman will pen an episode airing in the spring of 2013 that will feature Doctor Who (Matt Smith) and his new companion (Jenna-Louise Coleman) coming face-to-face with the Cybermen.

Gaiman, who is known for works such as "Coraline" and "Sandman," previously wrote the "Doctor Who" episode titled "The Doctor's Wife." The Cybermen have been around since 1966, debuting opposite William Hartnell's Doctor.

The episode will feature guest stars Warwick Davis, Tamzin Outhwaite and Jason Watkins as "misfits on a mysterious planet."

"Cybermen were always the monsters that scared me the most! Not just because they were an awesome military force, but because sometimes they could be sleek and silver and right behind you without you even knowing," Steven Moffat, "Doctor Who" lead writer and executive producer, told BBC. "And with one of the all-time classic monsters returning, and a script from one of our finest novelists, it's no surprise we have attracted such stellar names as Tamzin, Jason and Warwick."

"Doctor Who" recently wrapped the first half of Season 7 with the Doctor saying goodbye to his companions Amy Pond (Karen Gillan) and Rory (Arthur Darvill).

The show returns for a Christmas special before kicking off the rest of Season 7 in the spring of 2013.

Tuesday, November 6, 2012

Hurricane Who Category Three

Some may remember that I attended Hurricane Who last year, well, I was was invited back and it was amazing.

I actually met my first Doctor, Peter Davison. I got a number of my own props signed as well as got to hang out with Tony Lee (IDW Writer) and Frazer Hines who played Jamie in the classic series along side Patrick Troughton.