Monday, June 24, 2013

It was a very Happy Fathers Day...

It arrived just a few days ago, a drawing my Wife had commissioned by the very talented Michael Oppenheimer (@MikeOppArt) which I want to share with you all, not only does it feature my favorite Doctor but also the TARDIS and K9

Thank You Marfi x x x

Michael does offer prints and commissioned pieces, follow him on Twitter @MikeOppArt

Monday, June 17, 2013

Limited run of Hard Dalek, Cold Dalek Shirts from The Screenprinting Factory

The very kind gentlemen at the Screen Printing Factory have donated 20 shirts of my "Hard Dalek, Cold Dalek" t-shirt

The proceeds will go directly to the Gabriella Cavalcanti Torggler Fund.

This is going to be a first come first served, with your order you need to tell me what size you want.

Additionally this is only going to be available for US residents, sorry!

Sizes S - XXL
Just leave a note in the message part of paypal with what size you want

$12 + $5 shipping


The way this will work is, once I have 20 orders I will remove the buy now button.  Those orders will be placed with The Screen Printing Company, they will send me the entire order and I will them ship everything out from home.  This process can take a couple of weeks.

Saturday, June 15, 2013

Donation Page for Gabriella Cavalcanti (Ends June 30th) please help

As Im sure some of you know my step Daughter is an Opera singer.  Well she has been given the opportunity to attend the Torggler Summer Vocal Institute from July 7th to the 21st there she will explore the many styles and repertoires of vocal music, connect with the finest vocal artists and teachers, her time at the institute will be filled with lessons, master classes, workshops, and performances designed to help her reach her fullest potential and to shape her future as a vocal artist. HOWEVER, as it stands right now, we are shy of $1400....

Gabbo has spent her entire life singing and pushing her self, she has won a number of awards and certification but as I am sure you can imagine its very difficult for anyone to make a name for themselves in the music industry when you dont have a massive backing, even more difficult when its Opera.  However we have faith in Gabbo and know that she can do it but as a parent I want to do whatever I can to help her achieve her goal.

We have until the end of this month to get the funds together and so I am going to auction off a few things of mine in order to get her there.  As well I will be talking with friends 'in the industry' to try and get some other autographs and maybe memorabilia that we can also auction.... we have roughly two weeks to get this going so I am also adding a donation button to this page.  Please share this with your friends and family as you can see from the video above she is incredibly talented and has an amazing ability, like any parent we want to allow her to take her abilities as far as she can...

Thank you

If everyone who read this page gave just $1 we'd make our goal, please help

Thursday, June 13, 2013

Dalek Build Week Four

Not much to update really as I was away for the weekend, and I have my 9 to 5 during the week.  But being that I was going to be away for the weekend I decided (with my wifes permission) to bring the Dalek inside to avoid any potential damage.

Hemi Update

For the surround, I was originally going to use black however I decided to try out another colour, Flat Chestnut and personally I love it.

Theres basically three colours to this Dalek, the Ivory, Aged Copper and Flat Chestnut.

Here's a side by side of the black Hemi Surround and the Chestnut Surround.... its not as clear in the picture but there is a subtle difference and in my opinion the chestnut just looks so much nicer with the Ivory skirt

Shoulder Section

So the Shoulder section is actually a little larger than a regular Dalek, however I used the plans as a starting point.  I am going to probably require some ideas from you guys as far as how to go about the turret.  

As you can see, its going to be quite a challenge...

While in the house I decided to attach the Hemis as well as place the dome on top....

Tuesday, June 11, 2013

What the Cool Geeks are Wearing: Dalek Pride

New Doctor Who T-shirt design by TrulyEpic called "Dalek Pride"! 

Now available for $12 at from now, June 11th to June 14th. 

I saw this image maybe a year ago and kicked my self for missing it on Teefury, however its available once more and I've ordered mine already, this is an incredibly detailed design and would look great in any T-Shirt collection.