Monday, September 10, 2012

Az TARDIS at Reid Park Zoo

Az TARDIS is a group of Doctor Who enthusiasts who enjoy getting together, dressing up and talking about all things Who.  I was recently invited to join the group at my local Zoo (Reid Park Zoo) where they wanted to just hang out and take photos in their cosplay outfits.

Being that K9 has been cooped up indoors since Phoenix ComiCon I decided that this would be a nice opportunity to meet some like minded people and for K9 to get out of the house.

Oh and yeah, thats me in my Ood costume.... I wore it only for a few minutes due to just how hot it was but in those few minutes we got some very cool photos.

Another cool part of the cosplay scene is the videos, heres two that I put together.

One last stroll

K9 chases the ducks


  1. This is great ! I work part time as a caricaturist at the Philly Zoo . Gotta find me some local Who fans to do this .... K9 looks amazing !

  2. THE SOUND THAT I JUST MADE WAS NOT HUMAN! I am an avid Who fan who recently moved to go to school at Washington State, but I have lived in Tucson my whole life. I recognized Reid before I read the title and was just going "no way, no way, no way." My mother helped make the ceramic mural that is next to the elephants! You have no idea how much joy it brings me to see Doctor Who lovers traipsing around familiar places :))