Tuesday, May 29, 2012

Phoenix ComiCon 2012 - K-9's First Public Appearance

So Ive not updated in a few days because I was a guest at Phoenix ComiCon 2012, I was actually there because of Ghost Hunters International but I decided that this would be an ideal place to give K-9 his maiden voyage and being that Phoenix isnt to far away I brought him along...

Now I know this is a Doctor Who blog and this particular post is really about K-9, BUT I wanted to say just how fantastic Phoenix ComiCon was, how truly amazing the staff there are and how professional everyone was.  Both Scott and I felt very humbled by the way we were treated by both the organisers and the fans. With that said...

K-9 completely stole my thunder.... I had hundreds of people asking if they could take their photo with him not even knowing who I was....

Still it was GREAT, and K-9 worked brilliantly.  I guess the speed issue wasn't really that much of an issue at all, it was just a case of getting used to controlling him.

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  1. Looks splendid, have to say. And yes, you'll have to get used to being completely upstaged by the tin dog at every event you take him to.

  2. K-9 made my day when he strolled up to me and his ears did the happy spin. Your creation is FANTASTIC!