Sunday, June 24, 2012

K-9 Build - Week 13

Im now another step closer to having K-9 fully remote controlled.  Essentially he is, except for a voice.  Thats gonna be the next big job.

I got most of the parts I need its just figuring it all out.

But until then heres the work so far...
Week 13

As far as the head motion and the eye scanner, this took a little creative thinking, yes I'm sure this is what most robot builders know to do but as this is my first time I had to figure a way to turn on both the extending antenna (eye) and the wiper motor (head) and so I used two micro switches attached to servos (these servos cost me $3 each on eBay the micro switches were $1 each from BGMicro) all I did was set the arm of the servo to trigger the microswitch turning on either the wiper motor or the extending Antenna.  

As far as the extending antenna is concerned it had three wires Red, Black and Green, when the Red is connected to the positive and the black to the negative the antenna retracts, however with the green is connected to the red it extends. So all i did was use the micro switch to connect the green to the red.  Also as a side bonus. The suction cup also holds the visor on more securely.

Another thing to take into account is making sure the wires are clear of the motors.... no easy task when you're working in such a small space with a number of moving parts.

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