Tuesday, July 3, 2012

Hanging out with River Song

 So last weekend I was very lucky to be invited to Hurricane Who's Summer Night where I was also asked to be the guest emcee and host the Q&A session with Alex Kingston AKA River Song, however getting to Orlando in time was gonna be a challenge for me as I live on the west coast and Orlando is on the east coast it meant I had to be up at 5am to catch a 6.30 flight to Dallas and connect with a second flight to Orlando.  Hurricane Who would start at 5pm my flight arrives in Orlando at 5.05pm.  Fortunately for me Alex's Q&A dosnt start til 9 and so I rushed from the Airport to the Buena Vista Palace where this one night event was being held.

Needless to say I did make it, and even managed to get some one on one time with Alex where she told me her ghost stories, however our chat was cut short as it was time to hit the stage.....

Some of my favorite quotes from the interview:
“I did wind him [David Tennant] up though. Because the moment where I do whisper in his ear, I *was* whispering things in his ear. There’s quite a lot of outtakes of him not being able to keep a straight face. But I’m not gonna tell you what I was whispering!”

“My knees went in places they shouldn’t have.”
—     Alex Kingston about filming the scene in Time of Angels where she lands on top of Matt Smith

“My favorite episode of Doctor Who ever? I’d have to say my favorite episode is…. [Flesh and Stone?] Maybe? I don’t know!”

“Spoilers spoilers spoilers! I can tell you that I’ll be back…. And I can say ‘trench coat’. And ‘Reuben sandwich’.”

“Only Steven writes River…Matt thinks Steven has a crush on River”
"It [Doctor Who] is a really positive show.... it requires children to think and work things out and be detectives...... there are no guns....." Me: "Well.... well there is....... Sweetie" Alex: "Well....I'm the bad girl....."
“[on working on the Doctor Who video game the night after partying with John Barrowman] I had a terrible hangover and had to pretend I had a cold…Naughty naughty Captain Jack”

All in all a truly fantastic night...

For information of following Hurricane Who events check out their website: http://www.hurricanewho.com/

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