Sunday, December 9, 2012

What the cool geeks are wearing - Doctor Who Christmas Sweater Design

Well this is a first...

A design I came up with will be on sale from December 10th to the 16th on

There's a number of different Doctor Who 'Ugly Christmas Sweater' designs circling the internet at the moment and I've seen at least one appear on my regular t-shirt parody websites but I'm sure you've seen me comment before about how I wish there was more homage to Classic Who and less Bow ties and Fezs...

So I decided to create my own version, not a copy but my very own 'Ugly Christmas Sweater' design.  Now its not exactly Classic Who but it does have a couple of Classic Who references as well as new series.

This design includes:

  • Classic Daleks and New Paradigm Daleks
  • Both 10 and 11 Screwdrivers
  • Killer Christmas Trees
  • K9
  • Cybermen
  • The Weeping Angels
  • The TARDIS and
  • An Ood

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