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Where Should Fans Of Modern WHO Start If They Want To Try Classic WHO?

Believe it or not there are superfans of Modern Doctor Who that have never seen the classic series. It's true!

I imaging the hesitation to try the classic series is - where to begin? Normally the correct answer is - at the beginning.  However, for Doctor Who I would recommend a more unorthodox approach. Let's start in the middle.  

What could be more appropriate then approaching your viewing of Classic WHO with a 'timey-wimey' approach?  

I've given this a lot of thought (too much actually). My recommendation for what the first classic series serial
a modern Who fan should watch is -  Doctor Who: Genesis Of The Daleks.

Why "Genesis of The Daleks" ?
  • Familiar Mythology:  Just watching this one Classic WHO episode of Doctor Who will increase your appreciation of Modern WHO as you obtain the backstory and mythology upon which all future Dalek stories are built.
  • Familiar Faces:  For some, part of the hesitation in starting to watch Classic Who is jumping into a show with decades of backstory and completely new characters.  However, Modern WHO ties into the mythology of Genesis Of The Daleks (GOTD) so strongly, new viewers may be suprised how many faces they recognize.
    • Sarah Jane Smith - Modern WHO fans were introduced to Sarah Jane Smith as a previous  companion of The Doctor who he was particularly fond and close with.  She is the companion in this adventure. Find out why the Doctor (and WHO fans alike) loved Sarah Jane.
    • Davros -  Davros is introduced in Modern WHO as a major enemy of The Doctor and the creator of the Daleks. This is the very first introduction of Davros.
    • The Daleks - Modern WHO fans are very familiar with the Daleks. This is considered by most one of the greatest Dalek stories ever told in either series. It also tells the tale of the origin of the Daleks. Great backstory for new fans.
    • The Time Lords- Modern WHO fans have heard a lot of mention of The Time Lords in the new series and even caught a minor glimpse of them.  This episode will show new fans what The Doctor's relationship with the Time Lords was before they disapeared.  
  • The Fourth Doctor: It can be argued that the Fourth Doctor was the greatest Doctor of Classic WHO. What isn't debatable is that he was the most popular of the Classic Series and the most iconic. If you're going to dip your toe into Classic WHO, you can hardly go wrong with Tom Baker as your first Classic Doctor.
Genesis Of The Daleks is really the 'Empire Strikes Back' installment of the Time War. It's a great bridge between the Classic and  the Modern series. It features characters, themes and enemies that have crossed over into the modern series. 

Bottom Line: In my opinion, if your a fan of Modern Who and you watch 'Genesis Of The Daleks' and it does nothing for you - you can probably save yourself some time and come to the conclusion Classic WHO is not for you.  Genesis Of The Daleks is one of the greatest serials of the classic series. If you're not impressed with GOTD, there's no pleasing you.

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