Friday, February 3, 2012

Will River Song return in Season 7?

Following both Matt Smith and Karen Gillan’s recent appearance on the Graham Norton Show Alex Kingston is next in the line up tonight in the UK and tomorrow on BBC America to promote her new role in the BBC television series Upstairs Downstairs, however, during her interview, which has already been recorded, Kingston is asked about whether or not River Song will return in Season 7.

As you can expect, Kingston is playing her cards close to her chest, only hinting at another appearance from the character.

“You may see her again. Who knows?” she told Norton “Let’s just say, Upstairs Downstairs and Doctor Who don’t film at the same time.”

Kingston also revealed to Graham that for the entire last run she knew about her relationship to Amy Pond even though none of the other actors did, “They discovered it in that episode when they read the script”, she said, referring to A Good Man Goes To War.

Both Karen Gillan and her on screen husband Arthur Darvill are due to exit Doctor Who next season 

The Graham Norton Show airs tonight at 10.35pm on BBC1 and Saturday (Feb 4th) 10.15pm ET on BBC America

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  1. I have my fingers crossed. I have loved River from her first appearance on the day she died, lol.