Thursday, May 3, 2012

K-9 Build - Day 56

K-9 is operational.... sort of!

Well actually he's not, least not how I want him to be.  Firstly, the chains are on the motors had to make a few small modifications but they are there and they work.

However, they are fast, really really fast. So this now leads me to try and figure out how to slow them down.  Plus, once I start using the remote control they seem to take on a life of their own and 'twitch'

The remote I'm using is the Fly Sky FS-CT6, unlike a lot of transmitters it doesn't have settings on the transmitter its self, its actually done through the computer using a piece of software called T6Config  I managed to find the instructions manual here: but to be totally honest I dont really understand it. Having never been involved in the RC community the terms used are somewhat Greek to me....

I've also noticed that the casters on the underbelly are perhaps 2 or 3mm to low which means they don't allow for smooth movement, meaning the drive wheels sometimes slip on the ground.  So I need to change that too.  That's a pretty simple fix, I'll probably do it today.

I also need to figure power distribution for the additional servos I'm using (Ears and tail) as if I power them from the Sabertooth I've a good chance of killing it.  So here's my plan...  I'm gonna use an in car phone a step down from 12v to 5v wire it to the battery and use that as my servo power supply.

Gonna post another update soon.  Gotta figure out these teething problems.....

Here's a quick video of my issue!

Anyone have any ideas?  Ive thrown the issue out there to some others and hopefully something will come back to me...


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