Wednesday, May 9, 2012

Nothing says "I love you" like a TARDIS Ring

So quick bit of back story,

My wife and I were married some years ago BUT at the time I wasnt working (wasnt allowed due to lack of work permit for the US) so I wasnt able to get her a proper wedding ring.  However it wasnt about the ring to her or me for that matter.  It was about us spending the rest of our lives together and growing old with one another.  Little did she realise what she was really getting herself in to.  None the less Marfi has been at my side and supported me in what I do even when she dosnt like it, she is one in a million and for that I am very lucky.

With that said, on to the purpose of the post.  So about a month ago, will doing my usual scouting the internet for Doctor Who stuff I came across a unique piece of jewelery, a TARDIS ring designed by Gino Arizmendi.

The three round stones is the Police Box sign, the two sets of four baguettes symbolize the windows, and a small princess cut below that to symbolize the instructions found on the front of the Police Box..... Perfect.

Immediately I email Gino and made some inquiries, very quickly I got the price list, and had to figure out how I was gonna afford it.  After again talking to Gino he and I organised a sort of payment plan in which I could pay for the ring in installments, once the balance was paid he would send out the ring...

heres the price list (as of April 2012)

EGL Certified Center Diamond, with diamond sides in 14K White Gold:
1.00ct center Princess Cut Diamond G-HSI1 quality is $9950.
0.75ct center Princess Cut Diamond G-HSI1 quality is $6670.
0.50ct center Princess Cut Diamond G-HSI1 quality is $3650.
Authentic Sapphire Center (5x5mm), with Sapphire side diamonds and one
princess cut stone (as the instructions) is $1940. 
1.00ct center Princess Cut Cubic Zirconium equivalent set in Sterling
Silver is $380.
Created Sapphire Princess Cut stone set in Sterling Silver is $410.

I did it, I saved up a little each week from the sales of my Cybermat Earrings and my IR Illuminators as well as other stuff and over the course of a month and a bit I was able to finally afford to buy my wife something that is unique, special and beautiful, much like herself.

It arrived only a few days after the final payment was made and its fantastic, truly a work of art and something that is personal, something that will stay in our family for generations I'm sure.

As my wife puts it, shes a Whovian by marriage, I think this kinda sealed that deal.  
You can find more details on the ring as well as a way to order your own here:

If you do contact Gino, do let him know you heard it from me


  1. May I ask which version of the ring you got for your wife? I'm glad Gino does different versions.
    (and your wife is VERY lucky! I think it's a gorgeous ring)

    1. I cant tell you that, she'll find out.... I can tell you it wasnt the most expensive not was it the cheapest....


    2. He got the 0.75ct center Princess Cut Diamond G-HSI1 =)

  2. That is a FANTASTIC ring. I only know you from GHI, but I have to say that the ring is every bit as unique and amazing as you are. Great taste. Can't say enough good. :-)

  3. I can tell you it's priceless to me, my love. Thank you so much, I adore it!
    And don't apologize , you know I don't care how much the "price" of something is:)
    I love you.