Monday, April 2, 2012

1978 Talking K-9

I want to introduce the latest addition to my collection an original 1978 Talking K-9.  Recently I was offered this toy as a damaged item due to a battery leak.  When I received it I could see just how bad it was BUT also how easy it would be to repair, I actually felt like that guy in Toy Story II when he comes to repaint and repair Woody.

I took the main compartment out and removed the damaged areas, I than took apart an old battery holder I had and used some of the fixtures to replace the damaged parts of the electronics. And as if by magic K-9 came to life once more...

Mission Accomplished - I was able to fix the damaged electronics
Whats really cool about this toy is how the voice works.  Unlike todays electronics its not all microchips and circuit boards but instead its a tiny record and needle theres probably 4 or 5 different phrases on each side of the record so yes, I have to turn it over if I want him to say different things.

So I want to say a big thank you to Janet Borkowski for contacting me and offering this to me, Im very pleased to add this to my Doctor Who collection.

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