Wednesday, April 11, 2012

K-9 Build - Day 38 (Maximum Defense Mode)

Life really does have a funny way of getting in the way doesn't it?  However, slowly but surely I'm accumulating parts and making little changes.  Today I started on something that's been kind of niggling at me since I took him outside for a few photos with the TARDIS.

K-9's Laser

So here is my latest photographic update of what I've been up to today...

DAY 38

This is just a holder designed to hold one of my laser burst pens, eventually I may have it so the pen retract but for now I can simply place the laser in the holder, Ive also made it so that it has a small 'lip' which when the laser is inserted it will hold the on button down.

Still need to replace the rust that I ended up spraying with the Metallic blue but I decided to take him outside for a quick test run...

Field Test Photos



  1. Looks amazing, my friend. You might want to look at sealing off all the areas of light leakage around K-9, like at the base of his calculator, and around the screen. Because you've got very bright lights in there, it's shining through the rest of the dog. The laser burst pen is brilliant, and the photographic effect is simply outstanding. Bravo!!

    1. Cheers Dale,

      Yes I sealed off three sides just one more to go.

      As for the light leakage underneath, I kind of like it and Im wondering about perhaps adding a small glow... right now just thinking about it.

      Thanks again for checking out the build