Saturday, April 7, 2012

Egg-sterminate... Happy Easter!

Last Easter I decided to attempt a very simple Dalek egg, using oven bake clay for the appendages I picked out one of the eggs my daughter had dyed and began converting it....

Very simply drawing the details on with Sharpie then gluing the attachment...

This year I decided to attempt a very simple Cyberman egg, it took maybe 15-20mins to actually do everything and being so simple pretty much anyone can do it.

Much like the Dalek I made the additions out of oven bake clay, molding them to the egg to give a good fit.

Baked the clay for 15mins - 225°F

While the clay was baking I sprayed the egg silver

Once the clay had cooled I simply glued them to the egg then sprayed again with the silver

With a Sharpie I drew on the simple face details


Like I said, its a very simple version. I could add more maybe some blue about the mouth maybe even using the oven bake clay sculpt the face but all in all you know what it is and that's what I was aiming for...

With that, I wish you all a fantastic and safe Easter.

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