Tuesday, April 24, 2012

Battling Daleks all day can be Stressful

Yesterday I came a across something due to be released May 14th

a TARDIS and a DALEK stress toy.  

A few years ago they release the adipose stress toy and to be totally honest the quality of the Adipose is less than perfect. After only a short time of it being on display its already started drying up, small cracks under the arms and around the feet mean that you cant hold it or 'play' with it.  In addition, my Adipose wasn't even used as a stress toy, but as a display piece so anyone who is (or was) squeezing theirs will have found that it lasted even less time.

So lets hope that these new 'toys' are better made and last longer.

PLEASE NOTE: the images are just promotional images, the actual produced may differ once released

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