Tuesday, April 17, 2012

Time's up for Virgin commercial

It would appear that the BBC has been flexing its muscles again, this time it would seem they have managed to bully Virgin Media into pulling their multimillion commercial campaign featuring David Tennant.

The advert in question (featured below) has Tennant explaining the virtues of Virgin Media's TiVo personal video recorder and catch-up service, however, part of the problem BBC Worldwide has is the advert shows a close-up of the Doctor Who logo as Tennant searches through the listings. Whilst in the background, Richard Branson (founder and owner of Virgin Group Limited) is building a time travel machine. BBC Worldwide insists Branson is trying to cash in on the Doctor Who name.

Virgin initially responded by removing the Doctor Who branding from the advert, but it seems that was not enough. Virgin has now agreed to “DELETE” the commercial and “EXTERMINATE” it from history.

A joint statement from both companies said: “Virgin Media has listened to concerns raised by BBC Worldwide about perceived commercial endorsement by a BBC brand relating to the recent Virgin Media ad.”

“As a gesture of goodwill, Virgin Media has agreed to withdraw the ad and BBC Worldwide is satisfied that the issue has been addressed.”

Personally I feel the BEEB went a little to far with this one, I mean at worst Virgin appeared to be advertising DW...  I dunno but here is what the fuss is all about...

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