Wednesday, August 15, 2012

Asylum of the Daleks - SPOILER FREE

As many will know the advance screening of episode one of series seven took place last night in London, with an all star line up as well as press and fans of the show.  Before the official screening the shows executive producer Steven Moffat asked everyone to please keep the secrets of the episode to them selves so as to not reveal anything and spoil it for those who have to wait until Doctor Who returns to our screens.

All I can say however is that Matt Smith suspects that this episode will become one of the 'cult classic' story lines amoung Who Law.

Arthur Darvill says that Asylum of the Daleks is more like a movie "They [production] just went all out, its huge, like a big Dalek movie"

 "Lets make the Daleks scary again, they're not teddy bears" says Steven Moffat

But what did the media have to say, well the reviews are pouring in in todays British press with the Radio Times predicting that the “dazzlingly written” story will go down as “an all-time classic”, the Daily Telegraph have said the Doctor is “back with a bang”, adding “one huge, how-did-they-keep-that-a-secret? surprise” and a “subtly tweaked” opening credit sequence.

The adventure is “worth the wait” according to the Guardian, as the Evening Standard summaries: “Almost half a century ago the knowing yet gloriously innocent Doctor Who was the sharpest pre-watershed British TV had. Thankfully, some things never change.”

Doctor Who is due to return this fall, rumours indicate that it maybe September 1st but as yet nothing has been made official...

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