Monday, August 6, 2012

What the cool Geeks are wearing: Bad Exterminator Unit by jkilpatrick

I've become a lot more selective about the shirts I chose to promote, I think its more a case of I'm tired of bow ties and fezzes all the time.  Yes I get that they are cool, but really does every t-shirt have to have them on it?  We really do need to see some more Classic Who stuff.  At least with this its a cool little mash up, Star Wars and Doctor Who fantastic.  And although there will be the few who say Daleks arent droids I say get over it.

So here it is Bad Exterminator Unit by jkilpatrick, todays TeeFury $10 tee.  As usualy with Doctor Who shirts it hit the 'Popular Item' mark early on so get your order in today coz 11.59pm EST this design will no longer be available....

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