Thursday, August 2, 2012

Eccleston has been set for the villain role in Thor sequel

EXCLUSIVE: Christopher Eccleston has been set for the villain role in Marvel Studios’ Thor: The Dark World, starring opposite Chris Hemsworth in the role of Malekith The Accursed.

The actor, who played Doctor Who in the BBC show's 2005 season, is currently negotiating a deal to join Marvel's follow-up to the blockbuster 2011 comic book adaptation, the role was originally going to be played by Mads Mikkelsen but the actor opted to do Bryan Fuller’s “Hannibal” TV series for NBC instead.

Malekith  is a super-villain in the Marvel Universe, the ruler of the Dark Elves of Svartalfheim. In the Marvel Comics, he clashed mightily with Thor, and will go up against the hammer-wielding son of Odin in the film directed by Game of Thrones‘ Alan Taylor.

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