Monday, August 20, 2012

The Series 7 Return of Doctor Who???

The question everyone is asking right now is when will Doctor Who return, we've had August 25th thrown at us, more recently it was announced the maybe September 1st however, yesterday BBC America aired a series of the new promo which can be found here: Series 7 Promo but it would seem that someone at BBC America accidently played the wrong version of the trailer.  Where as at the end of the promo it states "Doctor Who returning this fall" one of them actually stated that Doctor Who will be returning September 8th to BBC America.

Screen grab from trailer
So thats it right? Well actually it might not be....

For the rest of the day the Trailers went back to the generic version, additionally the BBC still have September the 1st scheduling open. What this could mean is that the UK will have the episode a week prior to the US.

So theres a little light at the end of this tunnel with a glimmer of hope that we now know when... But like everything else Doctor Who, its all just a little wibbly wobbly timey wimey right now!

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