Monday, January 2, 2012

A little piece of Skaro, my Dalek Collection

So last week I read a story about a guy who is now in the Guiness book of records for having a collection of 571 Daleks (, and it got me wondering....

How many Daleks do I have???

My daughter made me this Dalek for Christmas, its one of my favorites

To be honest once the entire collection was put together I couldnt help but wonder if I really had everything. I mean I was sure there was more but alas I couldnt find any more figures and after counting them all I figure I got a long way to go to beat any world records.....

So the grand total is a mere 45... yeah, I was a little disappointed actually.  But I figure I got years to work on the collection, I'd like to get more of the 5" figures from the classic Doctor Who episodes as well as the 12" RC models.  Theres actually a couple of 18" Daleks that I really want to get a hold of but they range in price up from $250 to $599 on eBay.  Until then I have my own little Sanctuary of Daleks, of which you can add yours to also.

Do you have a Dalek thats just warn out, tired of being defeated by the Doctor? Then you can send him (or her) to my Asylum for Daleks where he will live out his days in comfort and surrounded by others his own kind....
Paul Bradford, Dalek Sanctuary, P O Box 22336 Tucson, Az 85734 USA

Now something to take note of is this is in no way my entire Doctor Who collection, just Daleks.  Tomorrow Im going to go through my other stuff to see just how much I really have... but for now, I have to clear all these from the living room and put them in their rightful places (ie where ever they'll fit)


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