Sunday, January 1, 2012

David Tennant marries the Doctors daughter...

David Tennant has married his former Doctor Who co-star Georgia Moffett in London yesterday (December 31). The couple, tied the knot at an undisclosed location in the capital in front of close friends and family, reports British tabloid The Sunday Mirror.

Apparently the couple were keen to keep details of the wedding under wraps and maintain a 'low-key' ceremony.  However they proceeded to celebrate that evening in the beer garden of the Shakespeare’s Globe theater with a party that even included a large fireworks display.

The pair met when Moffett played along side Tennant in the 2008 episode 'The Doctors Daughter' where Moffett's character 'Jenny' is created from a tissue sample from the Doctor's hand.  David proposed last Christmas roughly 6mths into Georgia's pregnancy and in March their daughter, Olive was born.

 Moffett is, in real-life daughter of Peter Davidson, who played the fifth incarnation of the Doctor in the early 1980s. Which is something shes has never publicly revealed.

So, lets see if I got this right, the Doctor married the Doctors daughter then had a daughter, Olive, who is also the Doctors daughter..... did you get that? There's a paradox here somewhere I'm sure of it....

Either way, Congratulations to Mr and Mrs McDonald and Happy New Year

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