Tuesday, January 31, 2012

Matt Smith talks about the 12th Doctor

Firstly Matt Smith isn't quitting, there was some confusion over a statement he made backstage at the NTAs where he said:

“I’m here for the future, I love making the show. I have no plans to leave. I’ve got a year of Who and I’ll take it from there really."

Which left a number of people and MANY 'Tweeters' under the assumption that Smith was only here for another year.  In a more recent interview Smith commented on his earlier statement by saying, the future isn't set in stone, however he doesn’t think he’ll be beating Tom Baker’s 7 year record: “I don’t think I’ll be doing it as long as Mr Baker” he remarked.

In an interview with the UK Press Association: “I think there will need to be a younger, cooler person than me, or maybe an older, cooler person, who knows?”

Way to take a stand there Matt...

Filming for the season 7 begins mid February where Matt will be accompanied by his new companion following Amy and Rory's departure 
UK Press Association

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  1. I hope he doesn't leave anytime soon, Matt is really good as the "Doctor".