Wednesday, January 25, 2012

What the Cool Geeks are Wearing: Time Warp by Everdream

Todays $10 t-shirt deal of the day over at Teefury is this Time Traveller themed design - themed shirt called “Time Warp" by Everdream 

The sale began this morning at 00.01 EST and will continue until midnight tonight where this design will no longer be available on this site.  And like most DW themed shirts its already become a 'Popular Item' based on only the sales of the past few hours.

Heres what the artist had to say:

Who doesn’t like time travel in all its complexity. I’ve seen so much material devoted to characters, ships, and weapons that I thought I’d give some love to those miraculous marvels that twist the hands of the clock.
I managed to figure out 7 of these, can you do any better?


  1. Maybe 8 - how'd I do?

    12 - TARDIS (Doctor Who)
    1 - Delorean (Back to the Future)
    2 - ?
    3 - Time Machine - Jules Verne?
    4 - ?
    5 - ?
    6 - Phone Booth (Bill + Ted)
    7 - Guardian of Forever (Star Trek Original Series)
    8 - Hot Tub (Hot Tub Time Machine)
    9 - Dr. Evil and Mini Me (Austin Powers)
    10 - ?
    11 - Terminator

  2. 2 - the dagger from prince of persia

  3. 5- is the map from the time bandits

    10-from harry potter time pendant

  4. The artist should have added Peter Bishop's nifty machine from "Fringe."

  5. 10 - Time Turner (Harry Potter)

  6. I think #9 is the Time Tunnel, not Austin Powers.

  7. 4 is the Time traveling toaster from the Simpsons Halloween special 5 segment "time and punishment."