Wednesday, January 25, 2012

What has season 7 of Doctor Who got in store for us?

It looks like the Doctor is getting a little creative, I just found out about a new line of toys from Character that'll be coming out later this year.  Apparently there was quite the Doctor Who collection at the London toy fair this year. I did managed to get hold of some photos, which I think  could also be quite a good clue as far as whats to come in season 7.

The first is called the Dalek/Cyberman Anti Time device which looks to be a combination of canibalised Dalek and Cyberman parts:

In addition to this pretty neat looking contraption there's also a 'Personal TARDIS', what happens to the TARDIS??

Now this looks like something that's worn on the wrist, much like Captain Jacks Vortex Manipulator, but seeing as River used in 'Big Bang 2' there's got to be more to it. Something I particularly like is just how Steampunk'd everything is. 

Lastly I want to show you the new Trans Temporal Sonic Screwdriver...

with all these new toys giving us some sort of hint as to whats going to happen there seems to me that something is going to happen to the TARDIS maybe it breaks down, gets lost or even stolen.  I'm also guessing that we will be seeing the Daleks and the Cybermen based on the Anti Time Device. Also note the the Dalek eye is from the older style Daleks and not the newer style...

What ever is going to happen its gonna force the Doctor to come up with some new gadget...

Who knows?  All I can say is its gonna be interesting and fun to find out

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  1. Personally I want to get my hands on the Trans Temporal Sonic Screwdriver. I like The design in the metal. It looks like the gadgets are getting more detailed which is always a good thing.