Saturday, December 31, 2011

Hand painted exploding TARDIS T-Shirt

So while I was scouting the internet looking for the pictures of my shirts I came across a couple of images of the Exploding TARDIS from the episode "The Pandorica Opens" and I thought to myself I could paint a really cool shirt with that image.... Ive seen others do it on websites such as Etsy but they charge around $50 for the shirt which I guess with how long it took to paint is fair enough, and dont get me wrong they are pretty good but being that I'm cheap and I have some painting skills I decided I would give it a go myself. 

Lets not forget. I've already painted the exploding TARDIS once for my Dad on a canvas (past post: not quit Van Gogh )

Apologies for the photo quality, on my iphone it looked a lot better...

in total it took me about 3 or 4 hours, adding layers to give it that Van Gogh effect.  Right now I'm just waiting for it to dry before putting on a few extra details such as the writing on the door, and giving another coat to certain areas. Once that's dry I can put the whole thing in the washing machine.

 I used chalk to give a rough idea of placement then using fabric paint I got to work.  The shirt cost me maybe $3 the paint less than $4 so for less than $10 I got myself a pretty cool shirt I think....  Yes another shirt for my collection....

Did you Know, we will be celebrating not only going into a new year but also that fact that two years ago on the 1st Matt Smith appeared as the Doctor for the first time, Happy 2yr Anniversary Mr Smith and a Happy New Year to everyone else...



  1. That is a great shirt. too bad I cant have one

  2. I love it. I wish I had your painting skills so I could light-finger your concept. Alas, I'm a writer not an artist, so I suppose I'll have to settle for admiring your shirt with envy.