Thursday, July 26, 2012

David Bradley tells a little more about his role in Doctor Who

"[Solomon] is a space pirate, who we've modelled on a well-known night club owner with long hair. He has lots of scars, he wears black leather, he’s like an old rocker who runs a ship the size of Canada. He has two giant robots who are a bit rusty." - David Bradley

Since the Beeb released the season 7 promo we’ve known for a while now that Harry Potters 'Argus Filtch' David Bradley is playing a role in the up and coming series (we can now confirm that the episode will be known as Dinosaurs On A Spaceship, yeah I'm not to thrilled by that title myself) but he has now revealed some details about his character in a Warwick University podcast you can download the podcast here:

Fast forward to about 11mins30sec to hear them talk about Doctor Who.

He also had something to say on the subject of working with Matt Smith:

” It was just great working with Matt, he’s a terrific actor, a lovely guy and we had a lot of fun together.”

This is actually the second time David Bradley has made an appearance in the world of Doctor Who – his first appearance was back in 2010′s Sarah Jane Adventures episode Death Of The Doctor  where he played one of the Shansheeth in a voiceover role.

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