Saturday, July 7, 2012

K-9 Build - Week 15 (Fully Operational)

Finally with much saving, much trial and error and much blood sweat and tears... K-9 is now completed.

He is fully operational via remote control and now has a voice.

Now I was going to build some complex sound unit however after talking to my buddy Dan (the guy who build my TARDIS sound and light circuit) he suggested I used a headset.  However my voice isnt quite the voice I wanted for K9 but the idea did plant a seed and I found a headset the plugged into a transmitter, now if it can take a headset why not my iPhone.  I've a number of sound bites on my phone so this would work out perfect.

Headset $18 on eBay

700w Amplifier $19 on ebay

I wired up the receiver to an amp and ran a speaker all the way up into K-9's head, originally I had a speak in the main body of K-9 but it didnt sound right

And now the video:

I'm pretty sure this isnt the last of the K-9 build diary, there's always something else to do... like maybe one day having the laser attached and retract but for now MY K-9 is complete

Thank you to all those who followed the build and I hope that anyone who decides they want to attempt a K9 build of their own finds some of the information ive posted over the past 15 weeks useful.

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