Sunday, July 29, 2012

Human Version 2.0

My newest build is one that I've been meaning to do for sometime.  The Cybermen where always my Dads favorite of the Doctors foes and as such I think were probably the first of the Doctors enemies that I ever saw on TV.  Unlike the Daleks the Cybermen had more of a human feel to them making them, in my opinion more scary.  I mean the chances of us needing pepper pot shaped armor in the future over that of Cybernetic parts is somewhat remote, but looking at today's robotics and prosthetic limbs I fear that Cybus industries is closer than we think.  I saw an article on the news a few weeks ago about a company that has invented robot legs for veterans who had lost the ability to walk... Here's the report:  Biologically accurate robot walking legs

Back to the build...

I manged to source various parts from all over the place but still have a few things to try and find, however I do have enough at least for now to get started.

So here's where I am right now with my Cyberman Helmet, ultimately I want to really put the entire costume together, as you've probably already guessed from following my blog I like the weathered/beaten up look so no doubt this will be another of my collection that will get some battle scars.  Plus I've always prefered the more classic (80's) version Cybermen to that of the new series.  

I would also LOVE to see them face off one time, being that the new Cybermen are actually alternate Universe versions, we could see it happen... who knows.

Week One

You can see there is still a lot of sanding to be done, particularly around the eyes and the mouth, but once that's done Ill be able to add the mouth piece as well as mesh behind the eyes.

Also, unlike the original the right angle of the 'handles' is done using a copper pipe 90 degree fixture, the originals where pretty much all one piece, however I have seen some others done in this manner and I don't feel personally that it will effect the overall look that I am going for.

For the most part the helmet is made out of fiberglass, the 'handles' are simply PVC pipe. Other parts are made from resin.

More updates as I make progress..... 

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  1. What can I say but... Excellent.