Saturday, July 7, 2012

On Set Photos Leaked Revealing 2 Returning Characters


There's been a lot of buzz this week in regards to the latest episode of Doctor Who which appears to be being filmed in a very open area, allowing a number of on set photos to leak its way onto the internet, revealing not only location but also costumes and returning cast members.  With that in might, be warned this is a SPOILER post.

According to the website Bleeding Cool a gentleman by the name of Ryan Farell has been spending a lot of time snooping about the set and earwigging.  According to him:

An actor called Brendan Patricks is playing the role of Edmund. Diana Rigg is playing Mrs. Gillyflower, a character known as “the ice lady” who somehow takes away Clara, the new companion being played by Jenna-Louise Coleman.
But that’s just the beginning. The episode also sees the return of Jenny and Madame Vastra, the human-silurian Victorian couple seen in the last series. I’m not surprised at all that Gatiss has opted to bring them back for his story.

In another overheard dialogue exchange, Jenny apparently expressed a belief that Mrs. Gillyflower had killed Clara, but the Doctor replies that the situation isn’t so simple and that “the process is reversible.”

In addition to Neve McIntosh, returning as Madame Vastra. We also have Dan Starkey, reprising his role as the Sontaran Strax, formerly a commander, slightly less formerly a nurse and now, it would seem, a butler.

Now, with Strax being a butler her we should assume (which is a dangerous thing when we are talking about the story plots of Steven Moffat) that all this takes place prior to Demons Run.  So whatever Strax does to become a nurse (as a punishment) he hasnt done yet.

Just a few more photos left, seems the Doctor has a new hat..... however in my opinion no matter how many times the Doctor says bowler hats are cool.... it isnt gonna make it so.

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