Sunday, July 22, 2012

Love an Ood.....

Some time ago someone posted on my Facebook wall a photo of an Ood head saying "I thought you might get a kick out of this", which I did, and after a little research and searching the web I discovered this was made by the very talented Chad Tate of 

And so out of interest I decided to contact Chad and inquire as to just how much this incredibly detailed mask would cost me, very quickly Chad got back with me and we worked out a payment plan (he's very easy to work with) in total the Odd cost me $350 and worth every penny, as I said before the detail is incredible, and being that each would be hand painted it means that each one is unique.  

In total it took Chad probably about 4-6 weeks to get it perfect.  Although through out the build he would email me with updates and such..... His attention to detail is what made this really appealing.

Me being rather Ood.....
This isnt just some mass produced, Party City job, this is the real deal.

To show just what went into this I asked Chad for photos of the sculpt, which again he was very happy to send me....

The last four photos are actually my mask.... I cant tell you just how pleased I am with it.  Its now truly one of my most prized possessions....  Thank you again Chad.

If you would like to contact Chad in regards to the Ood you can get him at this email address:

His next projects include a Hath..... I cant wait

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