Wednesday, March 7, 2012

Cybermat Earrings - $12

With it being such a windy day I couldn't do a lot to my K9 build so I had an idea, I saw these little Cybermats a while ago.

And today I decided that they were a nice size for earrings, so I built a pair for my wife and a pair for my daughter, then I thought, I wonder if other people would like a pair...

So here's what I'm thinking, if your interested in a pair of Cybermat earrings click the "Buy Now" button (USA ONLY), they are $12 a pair and look like this:

* The earrings may look a little different from those pictured


  1. I love these! They're delicate and light, a nice, & subtle funky piece of jewelry which I am always on the look out for. It's nice to have a Dr. Who fan piece specifically geared toward us ladies :)

  2. These earrings are absolutely fabulous! Perfect for everyday wear. Each time I wear them, which is often, they spark interest and telling the story behind them provides a fun way attract new Whovians. They are delicately feminine, easy to wear, and made with professional high quality. They arrived very quickly after I placed my order. Also, they feel like a steal for the price! I love my Cybermat earrings! :D

  3. Absolutely love them! I put them on as soon as I got them in the mail. I love being about to have some geekiness to wear to work and share being a Whovian. Thanks again for making these earrings.

  4. I absolutely love these earrings! I thought they might be really heavy, but they are very light. Thanks so much, Paul! I love having something Whovian and girly to wear. :)

  5. I absolutely love my earrings..They are super light weight and are fun to wear. I love that they are not too black nor to silver..they are purrrfect...Annaliesje :O)

  6. got a pair of these earrings by PAUL BRADFORD!! They are purrrrrfect!! ZombieGirl Nowal wore them @ a PKP photo&pilot shoot #cyberearrings PAUL YOU ARE BRILLIANT BUDDY!!
    pink kitty paranormal <3