Saturday, March 3, 2012

K-9 build - Days 1 and 2

Oh yes.... as a child I wanted my own K9 I even built a small one out of wood at school once.  And in all honesty owning a full size version was something I never thought I'd be able to do.

Until now.......

First things first, I had to find plans, and finding them is a NIGHTMARE.  I kinda ran in to the same problem I had when I built the TARDIS however, I remembered something I was told by a guy I met at Hurricane Who who already built himself a K-9, and that was that he bought the shell from someone who had the machine to cut out the parts.... so again my search began.  Checking out all the K9 builders forums possible:

The first and the last are pretty much where I spend all my time, the last one is actually a forum for movie replicas and is where I get a LOT of inspiration and advice from people who have worked on big name films....

Anyway, after about 3 or 4 days of searching I found him: the guy who not only has the ability to cut out the shapes of K9s shell BUT also he offers an R2D2 kit as well (although its around the $1000 mark) which just so happens to be my next build after K9....

Anyway, so my parts arrived and now to assembly.....


Gluing all parts together and using tape to hold it secure


Right now just waiting for the filler to dry before I sand down the corners and make all the edges nice and smooth.


  1. Perhaps I'm a bit slow but what the hell is a K9? It's very nice looking, looks like ur doing a bang-up job but what is it?

  2. Ah, one of the styrene builds. That's cool! A certain robotic inhabitant of my flat is watching your progress carefully... and wagging his ears!

    1. You have one?

      I may have to hit you up for certain parts....

    2. I've got a robomutt, yes. Advance notice: the rubber neck gaitor is nigh on impossible to find and the tail gaitor's not exactly common. If you can find cast relicas on any of the fora you frequent, grab them there. Most K-9s end up using some sort of vent hosing for the neck. The handles as used on the original prop are long out of production, and there's no colour blue available on his back buttons any more. Even the TV K-9 ended using white for some of his buttons... mine's GRP, not styrene, pretty old and knackered, and stoopidly popular when he goes out. Sevral vids of him on my Facebook. :o)

  3. Thanks for listing my blog among the others!:)

    The gator boot for the tail can be found on Ebay from time to time.
    The blue buttons are harder to find but I did find them. I will look through my papers later to see if I still got the receipt. Did you reinforce your K-9 before filling in all the edges? otherwise any flexing will give you stress cracks.

  4. I did actually, I used expanding foam to reenforce the body, looking to do the same with the head ONCE I have everything in there.

    Your more than welcome for the link, thanks for stopping by