Saturday, March 24, 2012

What the cool Geeks are wearing: Vote Geek in 2012 by SevenHundred

Todays $10 t-shirt deal of the day over at Teefury is this awesome design - themed shirt called “Vote Geek in 2012" by SevenHundred

The sale began this morning at 00.01 EST and will continue until midnight tonight where this design will no longer be available on this site.  And like most DW themed shirts its already become a 'Popular Item' based on only the sales of the past few hours.

Heres what the artist had to say:

It's a geek twist on the classic Democrats and Republican logos... I felt these groups of fans were constantly competing over who's franchise is better, so I figured they'd need a political style symbol to stand alongside.
Plus with the US on the run up to full election mode, I really hope that people will buy and wear this tee when they go to vote - and get photographed for local newspapers... Or international newspapers... Or the Wall Street Journal... Or Time Magazine. You know, something small like that : )

In-fact i'd love it if people bought the tee and customised it a little - maybe actually 'Vote' on their choice with a fabric pen, or embroidered an X or whatever... I'd love to see the results either via twitter @Seven_Hundred or on my Facebook page: Seven Hundred Shirts

Personally I think thats a GREAT idea, and I think once I get mine Ill be placing a nice big circle around K-9.... I would LOVE to see a bunch of these if you get one PLEASE send me a photo with your 'vote'


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