Saturday, March 10, 2012

K-9 Build - Day 9

Actually got a LOT done today, least that's how I feel and that makes me feel good.

The light blue metallic paint I found at AutoZone worked a treat, for some it may be a little to blue but personally I LOVE it.  Like most of my builds I'm not building a replica I'm building my self a K-9, making it mine.  And just like my TARDIS I wanted it weathered, beaten up, rusty and with more character.

So here's the newest set of photos:

Both the head and body now coated in the 'light blue metallic'

 Using sandpaper I roughed up the edges giving it a more beaten up, used look.

With a selection of browns and copper paint I set to work adding rust.


The collar is the material my wife found at Joanne's, I simply sewed it and then added some Velcro to hold it closed.

Still need to order the buttons for the control panel, and I also need the sucker for the visor, a dog tag,  put together LEDs for the eyes and I have to look into making the whole thing remote control  but all in all as it stands right now I'm so very very pleased with how he looks.


 I actually found the handles at Home Depot, each cost about $4 and are pretty close to the original look.  The original handles actually went out of production years ago. 

View Screen:

I read on a forum how some people have placed those digital photo frames inside the body as the view screen.  What I didn't know is they can also play video so I may just have to look into getting myself one.

Quick Update:

With the help of the guys and girls of I was able to find a US based company that stocks the colour lenses for the control panel, they also stock the buttons/switches BUT they run at about $12 a piece still, so Ive ordered the lenses roughly $2 each and they should be here in the next few days.  Ill probably just put together a simple LED circuit to illuminate the lenses.

Pity the buttons are so expensive as I would have liked for them to have operated some of the functions.

The website is: and the part numbers are:

3 x 66F9713 - Red  
3 x 66F9715 - Green
3 x 66F9716 - Blue
3 x 66F9714 - Amber/Yellow

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