Tuesday, March 20, 2012

K-9 Build - Into Day 19

Heading into 3 weeks of this build and Ive kinda hit a wall.  Right now I'm pretty much as far into the build as I can go without more finances.

K-9 looks like K-9 right now but there's no robotics, no electronics nothing to make him move.  I'm trying to figure out robotics and exactly what I need to him mobile.  Again this means visiting the forums:
 Until I've collected the parts, I've also gone a bought myself an LED sequencing kit, I'm going to use it for the control panel.

Upto Day 19

So here's the current progress, I read that a lot of people have used the small red suckers you get from the Nerf dart gun type toys, so I used one as a temporary thing but it really was to small.  After scouting eBay for a little bit I found a neat looking sucker, right colour and pretty much perfect size.  its used as a stand for the iPhone and cost me about $2

 All I had to do was cut the ball off and drill a small hole into the stem.  For now it is just bolted to the Visor but eventually I think I'm going to have it setup to extend much like the real thing.  But like I said, its bolted and certainly cosmetically it looks great...

Access Panel:

It is just cosmetic, it doesn't open.  In order to get to the inside you need to disconnect the base panel, and go from underneath.

For now, I'm using a piece of perspex with a grey coat of paint on its reverse as the side screen.  Eventually I want to get one of those digital photo frames, but like I said at the start with finances having to go else where I am going to have to find cheap alternatives, for now!

As I continue me learning and such into how to make K9 mobile I want to thank Doug Dixon for all his help with ideas and places to go to get some of the stuff I need, I actually met Doug at Hurricane Who last year and it was him who told me about the flat pack kit.  So again Thanks Doug.

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  1. He is looking very School Reunion, loving the progress! Do sit and think and take a long time getting him up, running and lit. Ideally you want a controller with a good 6 to 8 channels. Mine has 6, and there's still not enough for everything I want him to do, lol!

    I'm not sure how strong the styrene dog is, but most of the electronics and motors etc (bigger wheels, not small ones, please!) sit happily in the base but add a LOT of weight to K-9. Factor in the batteries as well, and your light, managable prop has just become a real heavyweight. Mine most definitely is!