Wednesday, March 7, 2012

K-9 Build - Days 3 to 5

The past 3 days have been slow as far as progress, not only do I have to wait for filler to dry and primer and whatever else but I've come down with a cold but I have been working through it.  Just at a pace slower than i would have liked.

Also, this has been quite the learning curve for me, before hand my past builds have been out of wood.  K9 is however made of Styrene so the rules are somewhat different.  The filler I originally used 'Spackle' which I've used on my other builds DID NOT work the slightest movement of the body and it would flake off.  So conducting more research and talking to people who are in the know I decided to use JB Weld. However I had to get all the Spackle off first, which meant a lot of sanding.

Also although  have the main parts for K9 I dont have the little bits, like the ears, the neck the tail even the buttons on the control panel.

The buttons apparently are very expencive, least the original ones.  I do however have friends who own an online electronic store so I hit them up.  I found this:
And after a couple of emails, I was able to get all the right colour lenses too.  So we shall see next week if these are going to work for me.

the neck I had to order some plastic ducting, down side is the minimum order was for 5 feet.  Ordered the 4" diameter tubing from:

Lastly the tail gaiter....  The original was actually the steering rack bellow from a Mini, pretty difficult to find here in the US so I did a quick eBay search and found a sort of universal one, fingers crossed that will be good enough...

So on to the photos from the past three days.

Day Three

Reinforced the insides with expanding foam this will make the structure a little stronger

Day Four

Day Five

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