Thursday, March 1, 2012

Torchwood: Miracle Day - Soulless Mask

When I watched Torchwood: Miracle Day and saw the "Soulless Masks" I thought how cool they looked but also thought I could probably make one of them.  But with all my other projects it was something that got pushed to the way side and I didnt think about it again until today when I was in Michael's (Arts and Craft store) and I spotted these foam cast eggs.

 Size wise it looked perfect, so I split it in half and began working on adding the design and cutting it out, the design is actually really easy, the same shape three times after cutting and a little smoothing it out I primed it

Once the primer was dry I used a slightly off white, kind of egg shell colour.  Now, I did a little internet search and found you could buy a Soulless Mask at some point either that or it was something Stars was giving away in some promo pack, either way the mask they offered was white, however when I watched Miracle Day the masked seemed to me more the egg shell colour so I decided to go that way....

Adding the tear drop and a little black mesh behind the eyes and mouth the mask was done


  1. The masks were given away at Comic Con in 2011.

  2. I was one of the marchers at Warner Bros. that evening (that's me in the center-- in the reddish/purplish-colored coat, gray shirt and the overly-brushed hair). The masks were pure white plastic, but the lighting made them look eggshell in color. The eyes and mouth were holes cut in the plastic, with the black mesh screens over them, a black sticker "tear" on one side, and a white elastic band to hold them on.

    At the front, you can see a man in a black hoodie. Turns out that our fellow background performer, a "Doctor Who" and "Torchwood" fan, celebrated his birthday that day, and so the crew arranged for him to meet "Gwen Cooper" (Eve Myles). She was the only star on set that evening; she was very sweet, posed for a few photos with him, and gave him an autograph.