Thursday, March 22, 2012

K-9 Build - Day 20

Just a quick update, last night I put together a small LED sequencer circuit board.  the idea is rather than have the lights flash in sequence ie 123456789 I would simply place the LED in random places so it would be more 827416395 giving more of a random flashing effect.

So heres the photos:

DAY 20
first of all drilled the holes for the LEDs and marked the colour

I modified one of the lenses to fit a normal on/off switch from Radio shack

The simple LED sequencer with LEDs attached.

First Test of Control panel lights...

something that has become apparent is how the RED lenses look more pink with the white LED, Ive two options.... 1. change the LED to a red LED or 2. find some addition colour filters and cover the LED.

Also noticed that the big buttons dont look all that great so I think Im going to disconnect them, in all honesty I think Id rather they just not be on than look like that.

So still a little work to do but as far as first tests go.... I think it was pretty successful and I like the on/off switch conversion.

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  1. Where did u find the different color buttons/square caps and what r they called?