Friday, December 16, 2011

Bring in the big guns... My Special Weapons Dalek

So this is the first post of many and as such I wanted to start with something that I made about 7years ago, when I was at school we had something that we called 'Green Week' now I believe this coincided with the 30yr anniversary of Doctor Who (1993) somehow I managed to get a hold of a "how to build a Dalek using soda cans" article.  I cant remember where it came from whether a national paper or the Radio Times or something but I held onto that piece of paper for a long time wondering how I could actually build myself my very own Dalek. I guess at the time it just wasnt meant to be, but I always had the idea in the back of my head and then in 2004 there began a buzz, the Doctor was returning that was just the spark I needed to start my build, however I no longer had the plans from 1993 so I researched the internet and found a great many plans all different so I did a little more research and decided I would build something a little different. Using the plans from the most recent version (at the time it was the 1988 Remembrance of the Daleks) I built the Skirt section but after that it was all up to me to be somewhat inventive and a little creative. I decided to build myself the 'Special Weapons' Dalek.  It only appeared in the one story but I was determined that I would create this kick arse Dalek.

Screenshot from Remembrance of the Daleks copyright BBC 1988

 Remembrance of the Daleks copyright BBC 1988
And here was my version:
Special Weapons Dalek
I was even asked to attend a Doctor Who convention where I actually managed to get the dome signed by a few celebrities who had been in the new series such as John Barrowman and Noel Clarke

Yes I was inside the Dalek at a convention in Barking
This video was shot using a mobile phone, remember its from 2005 when the best you 
could get was VGA quality

Unfortunately, I had to sell her.  In 2006 I planned to move to the USA and I wasn't going to be able to take her with me and in all honesty I needed the money for my plane ticket. My SWD went to a good home, the guy who bought her actually had something to do with the construction of one of the BBC TARDISs.... I do wonder however what its doing now, is it doing the conventions, is it on display somewhere? I would LOVE to find out...

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  1. Holy hell!! Man, the videos you could make with all that. Too bad about selling. Also, I see a tub of vinyl!! What ya got in there?