Saturday, December 17, 2011

Go directly to jail... Do NOT collect £200

Something I bought earlier in the year was the limited edition (limited to 5000) Doctor Who monopoly, now before you rush out and get yourself one I want to share some of my knowledge and experience with this particular 'collectors' item.   Hasbro really didn’t pull out the stops with this, and didn’t really put much effort into making this a collectors piece at all. I think the main thing that strikes me as perhaps... lazy, is the game pieces.

Hasbro could very easily have supplied the small pewter figures of the Doctor, K9, a Dalek or even Cyberman but no, the game pieces are the same as the original, the Hat, Iron, Car, dog  etc.  The only thing they added was a TARDIS, even the hotels are the same small plastic hotels but are yellow and blue rather than red and green…  Such a shame.  It just seems to have this unfinished feel about it, like they gave up or something half way through and decided just to throw in the original pieces thinking no one would notice.

Yes the board has the Doctor Who theme, the cards and locations are all themed but the pieces don’t relate to Doctor Who at all and at $159 from Amazon you may want to think twice about purchasing this game.

With the 50th Anniversary coming up in 2013 I would hope that Hasbro would re-release this game with more Classic Who and with the EVERYTHING correctly themed, maybe have the hotels as TARDIS's and the game piece as described above.  I'm pretty sure that anyone who has purchased this will be disappointed, and it may very well put them off getting the newer version when the time comes.

Hasbro, take note.....

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