Sunday, December 18, 2011

Where's the TARDIS?

For many years I've wanted to build a TARDIS of my own, and finally I decided to just go ahead and build it (with a little encouragement from my very understanding and wonderful wife). My Own version, that I can call mine!

Ive no carpentry background, I'm just passionate about my hobbies and interests and so I wanted to make this as best I could.

My 4yr old daughter helped, shes my "companion" and a very good helper....

• Plywood
• Pine
• Paint TARDIS Blue and screws lots and lots of screws


I even took the owning of the build to another level, both the sign on the door and the St. John Ambulance badge are made from white acrylic, which means at night with the light on inside they glow along with the windows and the 'Police Call Box' signs.  All my signs came from Budget Signs in Tucson

For more of a complete collection of my build diary you can check out my Facebook photo album:

So Ive been asked by a few people for dimensions and such.  However you'll see that mine was built to my specifications, its more like the comic book version than any screen used TARDIS.

Either way heres a couple of the plans I used, however there is a MASSIVE amount of information here: which i found invaluable...

PLEASE NOTE: These arnt mine, these are measurement that I used/based my TARDIS design on