Thursday, December 29, 2011

Grand Theft TARDIS

I don't think people truly understand what it means when the Doctor says he stole the TARDIS, I mean its not like stealing a car.  Its not like on their 16th birthday every Time Lord receives his first TARDIS, a TARDIS was just used to observe other planets, Time Lord were a race of watches, never getting involved or interfering (much like the prime directive). The equivalent of such actions nowadays is like stealing a nuclear powered submarine, its not a case of just walking into the marina and hoping inside the sub and driving away, now yes there's been reference to how the Doctors Type 40 MkIII was old, and being retired maybe this meant that it wasnt as heavily guarded but still guarded it would have been.  It was also in need of repair, I mean its rare to not see the Doctor fixing (or attempting to fix) something in the console room.

   It was also a capital offense to steal a TARDIS, when the Doctor was caught up with the Time Lords exiled him and forced a regeneration.

   In the episode "Journeys End' there's reference that a TARDIS actually requires 6 pilots, so again for the Doctor and his granddaughter to actually manage to steal a TARDIS would have been near impossible, not only to get inside it but then to get it to materialise, and navigate the craft would take some serious skills or he's just a mad man with a box....

I found a blog with a very similar point to make, and in fact makes it better than me.  Check it out: The Doctor Long Scarf Blog

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