Saturday, December 17, 2011

Custom damaged Cyberman helmet

Why on Earth would you purposefully damage a Cyberman helmet? I guess you wouldn't or shouldn't that is unless your attempting to replicate the damaged Cyberman helmet from the episode The Pandorica Opens, the Cyberman was a guard that had suffered some severe damage...

Page from Doctor Who annual 2010
So armed with an image from a copy of the Doctor Who annual, I set about making my own version first thing however I had to reverse it, the bars on the side of the head on voice changing helmet had some of the electronics so I used a little creative license, other than that I simply set about beating up my mask. So here's the final product:

Damaged Cyberman Helmet modified by Paul Bradford

Damaged Cyberman Helmet modified by Paul Bradford

The spider was just added for good measure...  This now hangs on my wall along side my other voice changing helmet, and my cyber leader mask.  Something else I like is that I managed to beat it up but still maintain its workability.

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