Friday, December 16, 2011

Not quite Van Gogh...

My Dad is to blame for my love of Doctor Who for it was him who introduced it to me, we would watch the BBC series every week.  I remember more so that in November 1992 a new channel was launched on SkyTV.  'UK Gold' a station that was to show repeats of the 'classic' archive programming from both the BBC and ITV networks, and with that they began to air Doctor Who from the original 1963 William Hartnell episode 'The Unearthly Child'.

Anyway, back to the reason for this post. I wanted to share with you three paintings that I did for my Dad, firstly my Dads favorite DW bad guy was the Cybermen and so for his birthday I painted him this:

Cyberman painted 2005 by Paul Bradford
The following year for Fathers Day I painted him a Dalek:

Dalek Painting 2006 by Paul Bradford
The a couple of years ago my Dad went to Disney World in Florida and so as a surprise to him I painted the exploding TARDIS painting from the 2010 episode "The Pandorica Opens" and had it delivered to his hotel.

Exploding TARDIS 2010 by Paul Bradford

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