Monday, December 19, 2011

A touch of... Pinto!

I wanted to bring to your attention a friend of mine, Jon Pinto ( I met him at a Doctor Who event in Florida "Hurricane Who" and LOVED his work.  He's an artist, illustrator and he is a great guy to chat with.  I draw, I paint and I make stuff so Im always checking out other peoples work and this guys illustrations really caught my eye.  Unfortunately, I was busy when Jon and his wife had to leave however when I returned to my table I found this on my seat:

Illustration by Jon Pinto
In addition to this there was Star Trek, Red Dwarf, The Mercury Men, Sherlock... the list goes on... There was even a Peter Cushing print that I was particularly fond of.

In fact I loved the work so much that soon after the convention I contacted Jon in regards to perhaps coming up with a design for myself and Scotts tour of the US next year, we plan to do Ghost Hunts and meet n greets all over the US, anyway back to  he story, so I spoke to Jon and his first question was when do I need it, to which he got the worst response any artist can get, "I need it ASAP" so he got to work, after a couple of weeks I recieved a couple of sketches and he wanted to know which way we wanted to go... Bad Ass or Scooby Doo

Naturally, we (Scott and I) went with Scooby Doo a week or so later I got an email with the final piece and I couldnt be happier, honestly I gave Jon free reign, "make it fun, make it yours" is what I told him and he exceeded my expectations.

The Official 2012 Tour Poster Designed by Jon Pinto
Seriously, check out this guys work at he's done work for Disney, Universal Studios as well as he's the guy who drew the M&M guys...

Jon, Myself and Scott at Hurricane Who: Category Two Orlando, Fl. Nov 2011

For more details of the Paul Bradford and Scott Tepperman Tour check out:

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